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Inclusion MasterMind

Facilitated by Melyssa Barrett and her team of inclusive leadership experts.

Core Purpose:

To engage you and your organization in a process of self-evaluation relevant to helping ensure that every individual feels welcomed, supported, valued, and meaningfully engaged.

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‘Connecting practices to social impact and corporate responsibility can be challenging, however, it also provides significant benefits and rewards to those who are able to master it…’

  • Individual | Personal Level
    • Increasing productivity, engagement, loyalty , and commitment through transformative actions that create opportunities for everyone and increase employee commitment to their jobs.
  • Team Level
    • Improving collaboration, solution quality, and speed by enriching team diversity and ensuring inclusive practices that create a more diverse workplace and make team members question their assumptions. All of this can make your teams more productive, influential, impactful and ultimately, more successful.
  • Organizational Level
    • Enhancing organizational effectiveness and adaptability by influencing organizational efficiencies that manage conflict, cultural diversity, sensitivity, employee perception of marginalization, and teamwork.

Collective Intention

An innovative brave space experience designed to prepare you as a thought leader to address issues related to increasing diversity across all sectors. Through superior instruction, the curriculum will expose you to a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability, and support to empower skills necessary to work toward maximizing societal equity in the 21st century.  The cohort will seek and deliver solutions to diversity, equity and inclusion challenges while identifying opportunities for business and social impact highlighting environment, social, and governance opportunities.

Core Values:

We respect the uniqueness of every person all the ways in which people differ.

We use fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all people.

We are stronger when we work together as a variety of people with power, a voice, and decision-making authority.

We advocate for and create policies to enable positive, lasting change.

The Breakdown: Inclusion MasterMind

Up to 20 Participants (Duration: 6-months)

Fostering belonging is good for everyone. Inclusion has never been more important.  

What can we do to prevent the negative impact of exclusion in the workplace? Our programs offer strategies to help your organization mitigate the negative impacts of exclusion, and take an active role in fostering workplace belonging. According to McKinsey and Company, companies in the top 25% for racial/ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to outperform their peers. We help enable companies operationalize the skills you need to thrive in today’s diverse workplace.

This Inclusion MasterMind creates cohorts that help organizations create the climate and culture they seek to benefit their business. As businesses mature in this space, the impact of these efforts on recruitment, retention, and professional development within the organization will create added opportunities within the communities they do business.

The Inclusion MasterMind will offer the following:

2 Live, In-Person Events

One per Quarter​

*Dates Coming Soon*

These live events are focused on strategic guidance to address challenges and connect executives focused on corporate responsibility, diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. This event, while geared toward the overall group objectives, will provide creative mindshare for proof of concepts, feedback, and new opportunities. It may also include presentations from guest speakers and/or smaller group discussions.

8 (90 Minute) Live Q & A Zoom Sessions (Every 3 weeks)​

These virtual meetings allow the group a safe space to ask questions, gain feedback, collaborate, and share challenges. while obtaining feedback, highlight best practices, and create innovative solutions. The conversations would be confidential and allow for the freedom to speak openly.

Reflective Community of Practice Documentation​

Based upon discussion with the group, we will utilize the MasterMind to create solutions in the space, identify and document informal processes, showcase results, and celebrate successes, as permitted and appropriate. This may allow a company to be highlighted for their work in the space and may take the form of written articles, e-book, podcast interview, or series. Focus areas to consider will highlight connections to social impact and corporate responsibility and may incorporate core value areas (branding/identity, inclusion, and sustainability).


We’ll use Voxer for communication between our calls and live events. This is where you’ll have access to me and the rest of the group. Voxer is a mobile app that allows us to chat with one another either live or recorded. I typically respond within 48 hours although you may also catch me live.

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