Top Online DEI Programs in 2021
(Free and Paid Options)

Top Online DEI Programs in 2021 (Free and Paid Options)

In the year 2021, DEI programs are a vital asset to any company or organization. Both corporations and their executive staff members have a special obligation to create safe and inclusive spaces where everyone in the workplace can feel secure and confident. I have compiled a list of the top online DEI programs and resources that will be useful for employees, employers, and leaders alike. The courses listed below can be audited for free, and many offer a certificate of completion as well.

DEI Programs:

  • HRDQ – this training comes in the form of “Diversity Works”, a three hour workshop and interactive game. This game allows for up to 25 participants and is intended to help employees to understand themselves and others while also practicing respectful communication. Training starts at $999, which puts the cost per employee at $40/employee. While HRDQ does not offer a certificate of completion, it is widely known in the DEI space for being a credible training program.
  • Inclusive Leadership Professional Certificate (Catalyst) – this program is tailored to the needs of individuals who currently work as managers or wish to move into more managerial roles within their respective organization. The Catalyst program consists of three online courses, including Becoming a Successful Leader, Get Beyond Work-Life Balance, and Leading with Effective Communication. While the program is self-paced, most students tend to finish within 2-3 months. The total cost of this program is $147.
  • Women in Leadership: Inspiring Positive Change (Case Western Reserve University) – this free online course aims to empower leaders to advance the careers of women in order to foster diversity in the workplace. This course contains five educational modules that take one to two hours to complete. These modules include videos, supplemental readings, and quizzes centered around the topic of empowering women to succeed in the workplace.
  • Leadership with Effective Communication (Inclusive Leadership Training) by edX – edX is known for their commitment to providing online courses and certifications in various different categories. Additionally, they are known to provide top-notch diversity-related online and training programs. Their Leading with Effective Communication course is considered a premier DEI course. This course aims to aid leaders in developing the appropriate communication skills to develop meaningful relationships with members of their workplace. While the course can be attended for free, it costs $49 to obtain an official verified certificate. This instructor-signed certificate can be added to your Linkedin account, resume, or CV. 
  • Education for All: Disability, Diversity, and Inclusion (University of Cape Town) – this course strives to familiarize students with the principles and approaches to inclusive education as well as helping students distinguish the possible barriers to accessibility. The course also strives to give students an understanding of how they can foster inclusivity in their everyday lives. Additionally, this course is offered free of charge as an accessible DEI resource. 

If you’re looking to make your workplace a well-rounded, inclusive environment, undergoing a DEI training program is key to making sure your workplace functions in this manner. Reading and learning about DEI is one thing, but undergoing a live training is a way to ensure that these practices are being upheld in the workplace. Be sure to check out my blog (insert link) and Instagram and TikTok profiles for more content regarding diversity and inclusion in the workplace, anti-racism, Black voices, and innovation in the professional world. 

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