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Welcome to The Jali Podcast, I’m your host Melyssa Barrett. This podcast is for those who are interested in the conversation around diversity, inclusion and equity. Each week, I’ll be interviewing a guest who has something special to share or is actively part of building solutions in this space. Let’s get started!

The Jali Podcast is focused on educating others about diversity and inclusion while using the principles of Kwanzaa. 

Although storytelling is well versed in the history of many cultures, we specialize in African American history. Genealogical research, personal experience, superior communication, and performing arts skills combine to bring the audience a sense of awareness and education about people and culture.
The contribution of African and African American history has played a significant role in America. In an effort to promote diversity and education of the African American experience, Jali Enterprises seeks to influence others by bridging differences between cultures while promoting tolerance. Performing arts provides a captivating medium to provide perspective assisting with conflict resolution, diversity, acknowledgment, and acceptance.

Adults and children from many cultures and nationalities have only heard select segments of African and African American history. The Jali Podcast seeks to expand the dialogue, educate, and culture people about the contributions of Africans throughout the world.


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Episode #25

Author, inclusion architect, founder and chief office for Cordero Davis International LLC, Cordero Davis joins the podcast to discuss his journey to launch his own consulting firm, explains how his firm assists various under-represented groups with finding careers in corporate America, and how he assists top tech companies with creating an inclusive workspace for their employees.

Episode #24

Rochelle Holoman is a program manager with the Diversity & Inclusion team at Southern California Edison (SCE), one of the nation's largest electric utilities and a Fortune 250 company. She is responsible for leading the company's 12 Business Resource Groups (BRGs). Rochelle joins the podcast to discuss why her company uses the term Business Resource Group rather than Employee Resource Group, shares how the BRGs conduct community outreach programs to bring about awareness, and explains how to modify our structural barriers and biases to remedy challenges in the workplace.

Episode #23

Aerospace engineer and author, Mukuka Chipanta joins the podcast to discuss the beneficial effects diversity has on the field of aerospace engineering, reveals the significance of his novels and their connection to Zambia, and explains what we can learn by embodying the “Zambian Voice.”